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55 Quinzeh Creek Road, Logan Village
Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 230pm

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At Devon Pixies, you can enjoy the delicate art of high tea in Logan. We offer a sophisticated fusion of fine baked goods and vintage china to bring you a classic experience of style and elegance. Treat yourself to a delectable affair resembling a different time from a different world, celebrate new life entering this world by letting us host your baby shower in Logan or speak to us about classic birthday ideas in Logan. 

Pre-book our service for a delightful encounter creating the most treasured memories during your special occasion. Our team goes beyond expectations to deliver a traditional high tea surpassing your dreams of such a fine affair to celebrate any kind of glorious moment in life. 

The care and attention we put into every little detail of your event is the result of a life-long passion for creating splendour through baked goodness, freshness and a divine taste affair. 

Let's step back in history as far as the middle of the 1700s. Imagine a time in British history when the class difference was the norm of the day. Society expected the leisure class to care for the working class in their service. It was during this age when high tea became the norm as it was a meal served to workmen, nothing more than a mere lunch on the go. These hard-working men would traditionally enjoy their bites standing around, picking on cakes and scones and little bites of cheese on toast.

As time went by, these kinds of light meal events turned into a moment diarised on your social calendar, if you were part of the leisure group in society. It became a regular timeslot in the agendas of the ladies and gentlemen of the time. It was a time to bite on something substantial before heading out for your recreational activities of the evening such as the theatre or a show, or simply playing cards with friends. As the English supper was typically served much later in the evening, high tea was the perfect opportunity to carry you through until your next meal.

It was also probably during one of these occasions when John Montagu came up with the idea of putting a bit of meat between two slices of bread. As Montagu was the fourth Earl of Sandwich, this revolutionary bite soon took on the name sandwich, a regular feature on the high tea menu.

Devon Pixies opened our doors in 2012 in Logan Village. Our vision is to create a space of serenity and relaxation, a place where you can celebrate milestone moments in life with your loved ones or turn any moment into a celebration while indulging in the British experience of a traditional high tea.

Not only are we indulging the local community in a spectacular taste sensation, but we also support the local economy as we source our fresh produce from suppliers around us and rely on their quality as they rely on our support. 

We invite you to make any day a celebratory day. Transform the mundane moments in spectacular memories and indulge in the rich history of sophisticated culture. Contact us and let's discuss your unique requirements for your special event and how we can make your day a glorious one. 

We reckon life is enough reason for daily celebration, so if time constraints drag you down, make an appointment with your diary to indulge in a little old-world nostalgia.